Hospital Benefits

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Thursday, 03 December 2009 19:49
Outreach Solutions partners with hospitals to expand their outreach programs, increase their revenue and improve the quality of care for the community they serve.  Many of the residents in skilled care near the community hospital are receiving substandard care due to service rendered by large, centralized providers. You can increase the profitability of your hospital and improve the health of the residents in your area by increasing your outreach.

One market that deserves your immediate attention is skilled nursing facilities (SNFs).  Due to the high acuity level of the residents in the skilled nursing facilities around the hospital, it has been very difficult to receive the quality and service that residents require when the contracted laboratory is up to 200 miles away.  The Southern California market has been recently taken over by one provider through acquisitions, which allows them to dictate quality and price.  The timing is ideal for your hospital to enter this market and we can help.

By expanding their outreach program, hospital laboratory and radiology departments are able to increase utilization of their instrumentation/equipment, and dramatically improve their profitability.  We are a full service company providing assistance in the following areas:

  • Total development of an outreach program that includes marketing, client services, courier, computer system, phlebotomy, testing menu, billing and financial analysis
  • Partnering to enhance an existing, robust outreach program
  • Training for outreach marketing and operations
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