Ancillary Cost Reduction/Contracting/Managed Care

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Thursday, 03 December 2009 19:51


Outreach Solutions reduces your ancillary expenses beginning with your pharmacy costs.  Our team of experts reviews your previous Rx bills, Rx contract and managed care contracts to determine any incorrect charges you have paid.  We provide all back up information necessary for submission to your providers for credit to your account.



There are no upfront cots for our service.  After we perform the analysis to determine what you have overpaid, we send you the specific amounts that were incorrectly billed to you.  We also include the backup information to confirm the overcharges.  Simply stated…WE GET PAID BASED ON THE RESULTS WE CREATE FOR YOU!


You pay us 40% of the money you recover.  This amount is due within 14 days after receiving the credit from the vendor or managed care company.



We have assembled a team of industry experts including Pharmacists (Operations & Pharmacy Consultants), Ancillary Cost/Coding Managers, Managed Care Specialists, Contract Negotiators and Administrators.  Each member of our team brings unique talent, background and ability that will be leveraged to provide you the best outcome possible.


Tracey Corp, NHA, RD heads up our team and has been the Director of Operations for 15 years at a 143 bed sub-acute hospital with 70 skilled patients and 30 Medical sub-acute ventilator/tracheotomy residents.  She negotiated every ancillary and managed care contract securing one of the only shared risk, perdiem rate contracts in the industry with no “true up”.  In addition, we have pharmacists and billing experts that have extensive experience with the pharmacy and facility side of the business, establishing programs that manage drug spend, control costs and provide the best care to the residents.  Their experience and expertise will ensure the best possible analysis, and implementation plan at a reasonable cost.



  1. Rx $ Recovery
  2. Managed Care Contracting
  3. Ancillary Contracting
  4. Complete Pharmacy Process Review/Pharmacy Spend Management
  5. Medicare D (Consulting or Implementation)
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